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We meet Ramnik Mathur of Dr Chocs in Windsor, to find out about the business and plans for the future. 

Tell us a bit about Dr Chocs 

My name is Ramnik Mathur and I am the owner of Drchocs Windsor Chocolate Factory, which is located at 23 Thames Street in Windsor, opposite Windsor Castle. 

Tell us a little bit about your business, how long you've been in the borough, when you started and how it's changed 

We are a chocolate factory and opened in April 2019. 
We have chocolate machines in our factory where customers can design their own chocolate. This is a unique experience in which you get hands-on experience of making your own chocolate bar. You then personalise the bar with a choice of 30 toppings including nuts, spices and dried fruits. Much more chocolate in the Chocolatier workshop, where you dip some fruits and truffles in chocolate, make Bonbons and a hot chocolate on stick. 
We were doing really well till Covid struck the world on our first anniversary in 2020. 

Lockdown was tough for many retailers, how did the pandemic affect your business? Have you found ways to make your business more resilient? 

Due to Covid, we really struggled to stay open but stayed afloat with Government grants and bounce back loans. Our staff worked hard to keep selling chocolates online. We slowly came back with all the Covid precautions and business is slowly picking up although we face a difficult time every time the virus mutates and we get a new strain.  
We have learnt to be more resilient and have been trying to make the most of Halloween, Christmas and special occasions by doing specialist workshops. 

What are your plans for the business? 

We want to become the most popular activity to do in Windsor (maybe after a visit to Windsor Castle).  
We are getting really popular for birthday parties and our specialist (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine) workshops are really popular. Our top priority is to be well known in the local area and promote the shop in the local area. 

If you could give advice to other local businesses, how would you support them? 

Although we are relatively new in business, we have learnt to survive with advertising with Facebook and Instagram as they are really cost-effective ways of advertising. We ourselves struggle but limiting the expenses in every way possible can reduce the damage caused by Covid restrictions. 

How to support your local business 

Dr Chocs Chocolate Factory invite you to come and make your own chocolate. 20% off workshops and a range of products available in the shop and cafe. 
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